Chairty Shop Challenge

Written by Rebecca Fletcher and Richard York

You wouldn’t think this was a charity shop by the range of fashionable clothes on display. It is clear this is a shop that prides itself in the quality of its goods.

There was so much to choose from and we eventually settled on a stylish grey top from Warehouse, a pair of Next blue jeans and strappy black heels from Bhs, and the whole outfit was brought together with a small brown bag by Alan Sutherland.

This fashion creation only cost an amazing £7.50 and is a perfect outfit for nights out on the town.

One of the best things about shopping at charity shops is knowing it’s all going towards a good cause.

Women’s Aid is a charity that was set up to help women escape abusive relationships and put their lives back on track. Most women leaving abusive relationships do so with only the clothes on their back and Women’s Aid is there to see that they can set themselves up.

Gina Smith, manager of the shop, said: “We also have set a recycling scheme that means we can take on items in any state to help raise more money.

“We only sell the best quality clothes with no stains or anything like that. I love working here. We are honest and only sell items for the real value and never over charge.

“We have a great atmosphere and without all our wonderful volunteers we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Margaret Walker, 72, Candice Thundercliffe and Jean Clappison, 74, are just some of the many volunteers there.

Candice said: “It’s just a great group of people really and it’s nice to be able to give something back.”

Link to the website the story was posted on the Grimsby Telegraph


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