Walk to School Week!

Written by Rebecca Fletcher and Tamsin Wong

Local MP, Austin Mitchell has gone to South Parade Primary School to explain to the children why it is important for them to walk to school! The walk to school week was set up to help encourage children of all ages to walk to school and helps get over 1.6 million children walking their way to schools across the UK.

Austin, who feels strongly about the campaign, went to explain to the children what is so good about walking to school.

“Walking to school is a community activity that gets the children healthier and happy. By walking to school they are able to communicate with each other better. Travelling to school in a car cuts them off from this.”

Sandie Holmes, Head teacher of South Parade told us that a massive 76% of the children walk to school and a further 3% cycle. These are figures that the school are very proud of. She went of to say: “It helps to raise a profile of the need to walk to school early on in life because it is a lesson learned for life.”

Austin went on to explain other reasons why walking to school is a great idea. “It’s not just healthier for the children but it’s better for the environment. It also helps to cut down car fuel emissions and cuts down on the busy morning traffic.”

And the children of South Parade were happy to listen and put forward why they thought it was so good to walk to school. Kyra, 10, said: “It saves parents money if you walk to school because petrol costs more.” Harry, 6, said: “It’s healthier and I get to go ahead and talk to my friends.”

Walk to school week happens twice a year and has also been set up with a WOW scheme, this is where children have to Walk to school Once a Week!


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