Scared to Death…well maybe not
Written by Rebecca Fletcher

I, like many others, am a massive fan of scary films. The tension they create and overall adrenaline rush they give just creates a thrill like no other. So you can imagine my excitement when the trailer for ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ comes onto the screen.

The very first ‘Paranormal Activity’ set a high expectation as it built up tension brilliantly. The amazing use of hand held cameras put the audience right into the action on screen, what more could you ask for?

Then the second came along and although it tried to continue with the same techniques used in the first something about it just made me sigh with disappointment. I don’t know about you but a hovering pool cleaner making its own way out of a pool just didn’t seem to cut it. It certainly didn’t thrill my need to be scared.

But there must be something the third could offer? Surely it could tie together the other two films and recover the respect that was lost after the second, couldn’t it?

Unfortunately it was not to be as I, along with what seemed to be the rest of the cinema-goers, was unimpressed to say the least. Sitting in anticipation to be scared I felt a rush of disappointment, as it never really appears. There are a few moments of tension however the film quickly becomes a joke, at which the audience are literally openly laughing at. I even hear at one point during the film someone shout out, “is this a comedy?”

So maybe this film has another point to it? Maybe it puts together the missing pieces from the first two? If it did then I was unaware, as personally there seemed to be very little point to this film. The real shame about the film for me was how it lacked any creation. What made the first film so great was the lack of appearance of anything real. However it feels as though the film has resorted back to what most typical horrors seems to do nowadays, using a young girl to be the feared figure. Making it only more amusing to the audience and the story having even less of a point than before.

So after seeing what seemed to be one of the worst scary films ever, in my opinion, I was shocked to see that it had become the highest grossing October release of all time in the US. And with such huge profits we can only imagine what they will come up with next to continue the apparently popular films that in this persons opinion have become a joke and lost all point.

Charity Shop Challenge
By Rebecca Fletcher and Richard York

You wouldn’t think this was a charity shop by the range of fashionable clothes on display. It is clear this is a shop that prides itself in the quality of its goods.

There was so much to choose from and we eventually settled on a stylish grey top from Warehouse, a pair of Next blue jeans and strappy black heels from Bhs, and the whole outfit was brought together with a small brown bag by Alan Sutherland.

This fashion creation only cost an amazing £7.50 and is a perfect outfit for nights out on the town.

One of the best things about shopping at charity shops is knowing it’s all going towards a good cause.

Women’s Aid is a charity that was set up to help women escape abusive relationships and put their lives back on track. Most women leaving abusive relationships do so with only the clothes on their back and Women’s Aid is there to see that they can set themselves up.

Gina Smith, manager of the shop, said: “We also have set a recycling scheme that means we can take on items in any state to help raise more money.

“We only sell the best quality clothes with no stains or anything like that. I love working here. We are honest and only sell items for the real value and never over charge.

“We have a great atmosphere and without all our wonderful volunteers we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Margaret Walker, 72, Candice Thundercliffe and Jean Clappison, 74, are just some of the many volunteers there.

Candice said: “It’s just a great group of people really and it’s nice to be able to give something back.”

Link to the website it was used on Grimsby Telegraph

Walk to School Week at South Parade Primary School
By Rebecca Fletcher and Tamsin Wong

Local MP, Austin Mitchell has gone to South Parade Primary School to explain to the children why it is important for them to walk to school! The walk to school week was set up to help encourage children of all ages to walk to school and helps get over 1.6 million children walking their way to schools across the UK.

Austin, who feels strongly about the campaign, went to explain to the children what is so good about walking to school.

“Walking to school is a community activity that gets the children healthier and happy. By walking to school they are able to communicate with each other better. Travelling to school in a car cuts them off from this.”

Sandie Holmes, Head teacher of South Parade told us that a massive 76% of the children walk to school and a further 3% cycle. These are figures that the school are very proud of. She went of to say: “It helps to raise a profile of the need to walk to school early on in life because it is a lesson learned for life.”

Austin went on to explain other reasons why walking to school is a great idea. “It’s not just healthier for the children but it’s better for the environment. It also helps to cut down car fuel emissions and cuts down on the busy morning traffic.”

And the children of South Parade were happy to listen and put forward why they thought it was so good to walk to school. Kyra, 10, said: “It saves parents money if you walk to school because petrol costs more.” Harry, 6, said: “It’s healthier and I get to go ahead and talk to my friends.”

Walk to school week happens twice a year and has also been set up with a WOW scheme, this is where children have to Walk to school Once a Week!

Stay Safe Student Guide
by Rebecca Fletcher

University, you’re finally here and ready to go out for your fresher’s week and start as you mean to go on for the next three years of your life. Now all that sounds great but what about the dangers? That’s right, although nobody talks about them, fresher’s week can be a dangerous situation. So I tracked down some students who have had the first hand experiences of fresher’s week and general University life to see what advice they would give.

A student who wishes to remain anonymous spoke to me about her experience:

“I was on a night out with a bunch of my mates and it started getting late. After a while I began to feel not quite right. My drink had been spiked but I couldn’t think how it was possible. All our drinks had been kept together and never left without one of the group watching them.”

It is estimated that around 69% to 83% of women who are sexually assaulted know their attacker.

She went on to say:

“I was lucky that nothing bad happened to me but it has made me think twice about who I can trust. I guess it goes to show that even people you think are your friends can do stupid things. My advice to new students at university is have a good time but keep safe. Don’t drink so much that you don’t even know what you’re doing.

However nights out and drinking are not the only things to bear in mind when starting university. Dave Meanwell from Lincoln University spoke about his first week at university.

“The first week of university is really crazy; everyone is milling about and having parties. My mates and I threw a party in halls and loads of people turned up. The problem is you don’t know any of these people. Turns out some stuffed got broken and some stuff even went missing altogether. My advice is keep all your valuables locked up safe and try to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Here are some top tips for keeping yourself safe and making the most out of your university experience

  • Know your limit! Don’t drink to the point where you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Keep valuables locked up and out of sight.
  • Always let people know who you are with and where you’re going and when you will be back!

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